Poetry:~October Surprise~

Sunflower by the Sun!
Sunflower by the Sun Sculpture!


october surprise

growing deep in rich brown earth

bold in green and gold

remain strong through this cold night

standing tall in the morning


Sunflower in Profile
Sunflower in Profile
Sunflower in October
Sunflower in October
Sunflower being Shy
Sunflower being Shy

On Tuesday I walked in my back yard and saw this beauty growing in a flower bed.  She probably won’t have time to grow very big before the cold and snow pay an unwelcome visit.

9 thoughts on “Poetry:~October Surprise~”

    1. Louis, so glad you are visiting and posting a comment! Thanks so much! I can see why this is Jeannie’s favorite. They are beautiful. We will be seeing you guys soon!! Love and hugs!!

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