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~Today’s Feathered Friend-Northern Cardinal

Wearing breeding colors,

sitting high toward the sky,

so his song can be heard,

singing, singing, singing,

to a love he wishes to see.

Singing his love song.
Singing his love song.

While camped at Lake Manatee State Park this Northern Cardinal visited our campsite. He sang his heart out for the longest time. I never did see a female around.

Pretty Profile
Pretty in Profile

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~If you love to…

If you love to walk, geo-cache, hike, swim, canoe, camp, bike, view a gorgeous sunset, take photos, horseback ride, or bird watch, then a visit to Jonathan Dickinson State Park should be on your agenda.

The other day while walking along the banks of the Loxahatchee River we heard music; finally figured out it was coming from one of the many pavilions the park has. A man was playing his fiddle and he was really good. We sat on a park bench and listened to him play for a little while.

Another day there were a group of people with their easels, painting beautiful images on canvas. So just not the typical activities within the park, but some unique ones as well.

Located in south Florida, north of West Palm Beach, it is a great place to spend a couple of weeks. Howard and I have camped at this Florida state park during the winter for many years and we truly enjoy each visit.

To see some photos of the park and investigate what other activities Jonathan has to offer, go to the link below.


Here are a few more photos…

One of many small ponds in the park.

The dock area, located on the Loxahatchee River, where you can swim, launch/rent a kayak, paddle board and canoe or take a tour of the river with a professional guide. During your river experience you will see gorgeous scenery, historical landmarks, alligators, manatees, herons, osprey, bald eagles and other wildlife.

Guided Tour Boat
Loxahatchee River
Broad walk along the river
A charming swimming hole

Birding opportunities are plentiful…



Above a posing Northern Mockingbird



Great Blue Heron



A beautiful sentinel


No sunset photo this evening, it is raining. Until next time!



~My Song is for You~

my Song is for you

it’s spring, time to build a nest

will you be my love

Northern Cardinal
“My Song is for You”
Northern Cardinal (male)
Northern Cardinal
"Will you be my Love"
“Will you be my Love”

For hours, this male Cardinal has been sitting in a tree, near our coach door. He sings and sings and sings; I think calling for a mate.  I have yet to see a female Cardinal with him. Keep trying handsome guy!

SBS:~Northern Cardinal~

Sheila’s Bird Shots:~Northern Cardinal~

Northern Cardinal (female) - 03-22-2013 ~Bad Hair Day~
Northern Cardinal (female) – 03-22-2013
~Bad Hair Day~
Northern Cardinal (male) - 03-22-2013 ~Sunlit~
Northern Cardinal (male) – 03-22-2013
Northern Cardinal (male) - 03-22-2013 ~Swinging~
Northern Cardinal (male) – 03-22-2013
Northern Cardinal (female) – 03-22-2013
Northern Cardinal (female) - 02/19/2012
Northern Cardinal (female) – 02/19/2012
"Are you still there?"
“Are you still there?”
~Great, see you next time~

I went back to my archives, for these photos, of the Northern Cardinal. While camping at Stephen B. Austin State Park near Katy, Texas, earlier this year, we were entertained watching them swing on these vines. I can’t wait to see them again along our route heading south.