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~Ring-billed Gull and Friends~

a stroll 

on the beach

never disappoints

intensifies the senses

hearing, smell

touch and sight

a delight

Ring-billed Gull and a Ruddy Turnstone
Ring-billed Gull and a Ruddy Turnstone (winter)
"No Chance"
“No Chance”
"I'am outta here"
“I’am outta here”
Mine, mine no mine!
Mine, mine no mine!
Ring-billed Gull, first winter
Ring-billed Gull, first winter

 Until next time…

"Come soar with me!"
“Come soar with me!”

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Michelle at Nature Notes




just hanging around

trying to enjoy my day

what are you doing

Hanging around at the beach
Hanging around at the beach
Hanging down by the river
"I have my eye on you"
Hanging Loose among the Palmettos
This one is…
Hanging on to my Heart
Black-bellied Plover (winter)
Hanging with friends
Black-bellied Plover (winter)
Willet (winter)
Hanging around on one leg
Willet (winter)
Hanging by the shoreline
Hanging around to catch a bite
“I’ll start here”
“Got a running start”
No longer hanging, running
(I love these guys)
Hanging around for high tide
Coral Cove
Hanging around for Sunset
Low hanging clouds
Hanging around Coral Cove with the wife
Hanging around hoping to capture a few photos
Trying to hide
“I’am not hanging, I’am trying to hide”

A fun time just hanging around Coral Cove Beach in Jupiter, Florida, which is just a few miles from Jonathan Dickinson State Park.

~Love and A Tiny Bird Running to Survive~


sky so blue

sunlight casting soft hues

hand in hand, yours in mine

walking along the shoreline

my heart sings, we knew

I was the one for you


Footprints in the sand
Hobe Sound Beach
Hobe Sound Beach
A breathtaking shoreline


The Atlantic Ocean, changes color, almost instantly.

The sun and its light, play a lead part in determining these colors.

The weather plays a huge roll in creating its moods.

The wind, the master, shape the waves pounding the shore.

The rise and fall of the sea, caused by the effects of the moon and the sun (gravitational forces) create the tides. Its vibe!

All life, along the shoreline, are dependent on these forces, creating the right combination for existence.


A Sanderling, hunting for food along the shoreline and competing with dozens more that wanted the tiny morsel she was able to catch.

To me the out of focus (with one tinted) photos below, showcase the ocean’s vibe and its mighty forces.

Running from the surf
Hunting, running to survive

We have enjoyed the four mile drive to this beach, while visiting Hobe Sound, Florida. A breathtaking beach, quite, clean and teaming with life’s energy. Wednesday, we leave the serenity of the ocean behind.

Run! Run to survive and enjoy each day!