~Sunrise, Visiting Critters, RV Site Photos, Status of Edge, with an additional post needed for our trip to the Ruins and to town.

~Homolovi State Park, Winslow, AZ, Tuesday, October 17, 2017



“I guess I might as well get up”, I told Howard this morning at 6:15. “Maybe I can capture a sunrise photo.” We don’t get up very early any more, and we linger way too long over coffee. It works for us. However, not this morning.

Howard had to be at the Winslow Ford dealer for 8:00am; a very tough chore for him. He did make it and luckily for him there is a Subway within walking distance of the dealership that serves breakfast sandwiches. We have never had a Subway breakfast sandwich, but they look good on their website. He told me later it sandwich was good.

Wishing I would have gotten outside a few minutes earlier.




~Park Sites…

I thought it would be nice to show a few of the sites here in the park. They are big, level and have plenty room in-between them.

Site 33 a pull through


Site 6, back-in


Another back-in


Typical terrain in the park



Look who came by for a visit. He was so excited he was shaking.


“Okay, gotta go!”


A Jack Rabbit


“Find me”


~Status of our Ford Edge…

Howard got back from the Ford dealer around 12:30pm. They ran diagnostics and downloaded software all for $200.00 plus dollars. They told us that the transmission needed to be ‘dropped’ and the clutch(es) checked. They also told us that they didn’t have time, in the near future, to do the work.

With that, we are headed in the morning to the Grand Canyon, keeping with our plans. On Tuesday morning we will bring the Edge to the Ford dealer in Cottonwood, AZ for them to do the work. Appointment made. We will be staying at Dead Horse Ranch State Park for the week, as we planned.


I will post Part 2 of our stay at Homolovi State Park. We took a ride this afternoon to see the ruins, tour the visitor center, and enjoyed a late lunch in town. And, we stood on a corner! (And, I was trying so hard to get caught up with the blog/days.)

PS: If you enjoy dark, clear skies this state park is worth a visit. The sky last night was beautiful, with a prominent Milky Way.

~Look Up Every Now and Then~






6 thoughts on “~Sunrise, Visiting Critters, RV Site Photos, Status of Edge, with an additional post needed for our trip to the Ruins and to town.”

    1. AZ can be pretty! I am enjoying the light in the morning and the evening. The header phone was taken several minutes after the other two sunrise photos and look at
      the difference.

      We enjoyed another beautiful sunset this evening. I got a kick out of seeing this Roadrunner. Glad I got a photo before he disappeared.

    1. Hi Beth! Winslow was fun and we truly enjoyed the state park. We spent 4 nights at the Grand Canyon and had a fabulous time. Hope you are doing well!

  1. Sheila and Howard! Hello it is Jane Henry!!
    I am thinking which takes more time to put events and faces together but I believe you were at South Llano River State Park this year while I was a Maintenance Host in the back host sites. Did I not recognize you and failed to because you both are always on mind?
    What a adventurous Blog: photos, writings and such happy times shared.
    I so hope this reaches you!! Love and hugs, Janie, Thunder and Pumpkin!!

    1. Janie, it is wonderful to connect with you again! I can’t believe you were at SLSP when we were there. Howard and I always think of you and scan the campground to see if you are there. We will be there twice this trip. We have reservations beginning on the 22nd of October. We will stop back by in the Spring! The best time for birding. Thanks for your comments about the blog. I enjoy photographing birds, as you can see. Glad Thunder and Pumpkin are doing well. Would love to see all of you again. Love and hugs!!!

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