A rocky trail,

descending into the canyon,

without a rail.


The path is narrow,

its slope goes up,

its slope goes down.


I cling to the stone wall,

my heart beats fast,

a fall will kill.


As I walk along,

I can’t help it,

I am scared.


After awhile,

unclenching my fist,

I relax.


Able to enjoy,

I lift my eyes,

scanning the horizon.


Its beauty captivates,

my senses peak,

I take a deep breath.


I did it,


I am proud.

The Bright Angel trail head.
Not too far down yet; but a deep drop-off.
Going down
Howard along the trail.
A view from the trail. Notice the trail below on the right.


Howard and I decided that we were going to take a hike down into the canyon. For three days we watched others descending into the canyon. We wanted to experience the adventure for ourselves. We knew we couldn’t go too far; a mile or two would do.

Grand Canyon, 10/2017. Going down into the canyon. We did it!




10 thoughts on “~Scary”

    1. Hi Sheila! How are you doing? I kept reading the signs stating “the mule train has the right of way”. Holy smoke, I don’t know what I would have done if we had to let one go by! It would have been something to see, but not really one to experience. Tomorrow S post is on the mule train. Hope you’re having fun!!

  1. You are both brave… Some day perhaps, if I ever get the chance to get back to the southwest…. But 5 stars for you and =<3 (I remember your ASL hand, and will always love it!). Keep the journey coverage coming… I love your observations as well as your beautiful pictures!

    1. Anne Marie! How are you doing? I often think of you when doing something I know you would love. Thanks for your encouraging words. Keep moving my friend!! Love and hugs!

  2. Congratulations! You had a beautiful day for doing that trail! Your poem describes exactly how I felt when we did that trail about 30 years ago with our two children who were about 8 and 12 at the time.

    1. Hi Beth, that is exactly how I felt. I looked down at my hand and it was fisted!
      Eight and twelve oh my, I would have been a nervous wreck.
      You won’t believe, or maybe you will, we saw a young couple pushing a stroller with, perhaps two year old. The little girl was screaming –no, no, no and the couple kept walking, but it didn’t take them long to turn around. We said, “the two year old is smarted than her parents!”. Crazy!!
      There are about 12 deaths each year in the Grand Canyon. People are just crazy, standing on the edge in places they shouldn’t be.
      Thirty years is a long time, it just might be time for another visit!

      1. Sheila, at one point our daughter was crying it was so hard. Did I mention it was July and HOT? And of course no shade. We were tent camping and after resting for a little bit we walked to the snack bar and got ice cream. Yes, I believe it about the couple with the stroller. We saw a family that was planning on going all the way to the bottom and back in one day. The only thing they had with them was one bottle of Coke, no water. Yes, we did return to the Grand Canyon about ten years ago and went to the north rim that time.

    1. Hi Pam! So very nice to hear from you. I read about your hiking adventures all the time. Our hike was fun, and I bet yours was a lot longer!! Maybe, in the future, we will be able to hike down again. I guess you guys are glad to be back at home. Keep those hiking adventures coming and thanks for sharing them!

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