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A rocky trail,

descending into the canyon,

without a rail.


The path is narrow,

its slope goes up,

its slope goes down.


I cling to the stone wall,

my heart beats fast,

a fall will kill.


As I walk along,

I can’t help it,

I am scared.


After awhile,

unclenching my fist,

I relax.


Able to enjoy,

I lift my eyes,

scanning the horizon.


Its beauty captivates,

my senses peak,

I take a deep breath.


I did it,


I am proud.

The Bright Angel trail head.
Not too far down yet; but a deep drop-off.
Going down
Howard along the trail.
A view from the trail. Notice the trail below on the right.


Howard and I decided that we were going to take a hike down into the canyon. For three days we watched others descending into the canyon. We wanted to experience the adventure for ourselves. We knew we couldn’t go too far; a mile or two would do.

Grand Canyon, 10/2017. Going down into the canyon. We did it!