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~Devil’s Backbone Natural Area


~Devil’s Backbone

Long ago it rose,

 its majestic beauty,

graces the sky,

home to many…

soaring hawks,

howling coyotes,

wild rabbits,

slithering snakes,

all are welcome.

Lichen on boulders,

showy patterns of life,

some more colorful than others.

Naked without their leaves,

displaying their strong  soul,

waiting for spring.


More on our walk today, tomorrow.



~Cloudy and Rainy Colorado-a walk…

~July 28, 2018, Loveland, Colorado, Devil’s Backbone.

[See information here Backbone. You can view the website to see what it looks like when the sun is shining.]

Howard and I decided to take a walk this morning after breakfast. We knew the day was going to be cloudy with a chance of rain, but we headed out anyway. It has been raining in Loveland almost everyday, which is usual but welcome. Our high temperature today was forecast to be 77 degrees. Nice, cool!

Howard purchased a new camera and he wanted to try it out. It is the new Sony RX100 VI. It is very small, but powerful. I am so excited that he has once again become interested in taking photos.

I had my Cannon 70D with me and took a few photos. I just wish we would have had a little sun to show off our normally clear, blue skies.

A tiny purple flower.
Howard trying out the Sony.
Howard taking a photo of me taking a photo of him.
The Devil’s Backbone nature area.
Perhaps a blue bird house.
Just to the east and outside the boundary of the nature area is a subdivision, about eleven, big, beautiful homes sit back behind this hill. They get to enjoy the views all the time.

Our house sits to the east, about two miles down highway 34, just over the ridge you see above.

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Another purple flower.
Part of the Devil’s Backbone on the left.
A short walk from the car to the trail.
Walking along.
Howard’s photo, trying out the Sony.
The Backbone
Howard along the trail.
Some of the trail is rocky. Need to be very careful of rattlesnakes in this area.
More flowers.


We didn’t get to walk very far, because it started to rain and thunder so we headed to the car. People were passing us heading up the trail even though it was starting to rain. Perhaps they were tourist and didn’t know any better. Lots of open space, right at 5,000 feet, rain and thunder – hmmm.

The header photo was taken during a previous visit to this area.

Until next time…

~Devil’s Backbone

~Loveland, Colorado, August, 2017

A mile to the west of us is an open space area called the Devil’s Backbone. This area is very popular with locals and visitors, offering seven miles of trail for hiking, biking, horse back riding and picnicking. ¬†And, of course for taking photographs.

A path heading toward the unique rock formations.

For the last week or so we have had unusual rainy days. It has been nice for our dry environment turning the landscape green.

A green, lush meadow. Notice the bench for relaxing and enjoying nature.
A fallen Cottonwood Tree along the trail.
Looking west toward the Rocky Mountains
Great environment for birds and other wildlife.
Bullock’s Oriole nest hanging high in a Cottonwood tree. Good job!
I hope all the babies are somewhere else enjoying life.
A cloudy day in northern Colorado.

~Back in October, 2015, I took a night sky photograph workshop at the Devil’s Backbone. Here is the link to read about my experience.Night Sky Workshop

~Here is another one of my previous posts on the Devil’s Backbone. This one, a poetry challenge. Writing a¬†Kyrielle-Sonnet

Enjoying Colorful Colorado!

~Ribbons cross the sky and a Night Sky Photography Class

I pulled into the parking lot and turned the engine off. I opened the car door and was focused on collecting what items I would need. As I sat there fumbling around, I began to notice strange sounds emanating somewhere near me.

“What a strange sound?” I wondered. Leaving my stuff in the car, I headed toward the location I though the sound was coming from. I stood and listened. I just knew birds were in the tall grasses located near the parking lot. “What are they?” I didn’t notice¬†any movement in the¬† tall autumn grasses and I didn’t see any birds.

As I continued to stand there listening all of a sudden I knew; I smiled to myself and looked up toward the late, evening sky. It was a most awesome¬†moment. High up in the sky, flying south were hundreds of Sandhill Cranes. No mistaking their “distinct chattering” as they elegantly graced the ¬†sky.

Hundreds of them, flying in perfect “V” formation. I followed the long line of birds until my eyes landed on the leader. I looked at this bird,¬†wondering just how long and far he or she had been the first to face the wind, leading the others to their new destination. Admiration was what I felt.

A long “V” formed on the outside of the flock, another “V” was formed inside the outside “V”. Small “ribbons” of straight lines formed behind these “V’s”.

The flock was huge! Their sound distinct. The sight was stunning!  It was simply beautiful. I am standing there watching as they pass overhead, admiring their strength and determination.

All of a sudden, I realize I am holding a camera in my hands, I also realize ¬†I am too stunned, too in awe and too late to take a good photo. They were too high up and I didn’t have the correct lens on the camera. But, take a shot I did.

Sandhill Cranes
Sandhill Cranes

On this evening I saw a total of four waves of Sandhill Cranes¬†flying high over the Rockies, heading where, I’am not sure. I am appreciative of the fact I got to see and hear them as they¬†flew over.

After the last bird flew out of sight, with camera in hand, I head over to where a group has gathered. The reason I pulled into this parking lot was to participate in my first Night Sky Photography class. I am going to learn how to take photos of the night sky.


It was a fun evening, truly an adventure as we walked the darkening paths, setup our cameras on tripods and began the task of capturing the night sky. The beaming comes from red flash lights were needed to see the settings of the camera and provided a spooky mood.

Red Flash Lights provided spooky moods.
Red Flash Lights provided spooky moods.

The evening glow of the late evening sky turned to dark, clear skies. The quarter moon rose and was shining brightly in the west. The Milky Way outlined its presence east to west, the stars were twinkling in the clear, cool night sky and the Devil’s Backbone provided the perfect setting¬†.



Quarter Moon
Quarter Moon


Beauty filled the night.