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When not traveling in our coach we are at home in Loveland

~A few random notes since being back home….


The Rambling Rose pulled into Loveland, Colorado over a month ago.

Before we left Texas the Rambling Rose had a wash and wax, and is now winterized waiting for her next adventure. It was a flurry of activity to unload her and to get our house in order, but now we are settled in enjoying being home.

In early April we took our Koudy girl “The Explorer” back to Colorado State University Vet Hospital for a check-up. She hadn’t been there since early November when she received her “Cancer Survivor” bandana after completing chemotherapy.

It has taken me awhile to write about her last vet visit. They took a chest x-ray, an ultra-sound and did blood work. The results of all tests indicates the cancer is back and aggressive. One day after these tests, Kloudy became very ill and spent two additional nights back at CSU Vet Hospital.

She has since recovered (cause unknown) and continues to enjoy eating, walking and on occasion even playing with her younger sister, Skye River. Kloudy still likes to “talk” to me about her food, her walks and somethings about things I don’t even know! I love our chats!

We at first, after speaking with an Oncology vet, decided to have her under go surgery again; however, after her illness and some painful soul searching, I believe we have decided to let her enjoy her days – eating, talking and doing her most favorite activities – taking long walks and exploring new trails.

Last July she underwent surgery and chemo, the process lasting into early November, why put her through that again since the cancer is fast growing. We try not to be sad, realizing our girl has enjoyed a wonderful life; she will be twelve this year. Some days are better than others, but we continue to celebrate, each and everyday, having this beautiful, sweet, Sibe girl in our life. Those of you, whom have given your hearts to four-legged best friends, know how heartbreaking it is when they are ill.

Okay, some brighter notes – It is always nice to be home enjoying hobbies and activities in our beautiful community. You can see from the header photo we have been having lots of rain, which makes things green! The photo is of a little valley just to the north of us about two city blocks.

Howard has been busy rebuilding his Ham Radio antenna, which was damaged in an early April blizzard. High winds and heavy snow broke two of the 16 foot poles. The antenna is back up in the air, and with a new Software Defined ham radio, he continues to enjoy this hobby, one he has had since the age of 15.

Howard’s Spider Antenna

I have been playing Pickleball, coloring, enjoying the numerous bird activity in the yard, taking photos and visiting with friends (some I still haven’t seen I’am back, but will). I can’t believe the number of different birds we have had in our yard this spring: Juncos, Chipping Sparrows, White-crowned Sparrows, House Sparrows, House Finches, White-breasted nuthatches, Bullocks Orioles, Western Tanagers, Scrub Jays, Blue Jays, Townsend Solitary, American Robins, Morning Doves, Eurasian-collared Doves, Lazuli Bunting, Lessor Goldfinches, Rufous-sided Towhees, Black-capped Chickadees and I am sure I have forgotten some.

Since the weather is improving it is time to turn some of our attention to “sprucing” up the yard, which can be fun. Or not….

On our daily walks we try to take different routes. The  photos below were taken yesterday as we walked along the Big Thompson River.

This morning our walk took us past a natural area called Meadowbrook.

Meadowbrook Natural Area, we walk by everyday.
Meadowbrook Natural Area.
Meadowbrook, another view

This migrating, Western Tanager has been visiting our yard the last several days. Can I get a good photo of him – n0! What a skittish guy he has been! I finally took a photo through the glass door; you can see he is watching me. He seems to enjoy one of the suet feeders. I saw my first Western Tanager on July 1, 1984 on a trip to Yellowstone National Park; we were stilling living in Louisiana. What a beautiful bird!

Western Tanager
Western Tanager

This guy is easy to photograph.


This American Robin was sitting in a tree across the street from us.

American Robin

They are back, arriving the last few days. I have only seen the males. I will post a blog on these gorgeous Orioles. Yesterday, I managed to capture some photos of them.

Bullock’s Oriole

Enjoy life and give lots of love to those that mean the world to you!

~Nesting Great Blue Herons

A Photo Essay


“Look Greta, a Great Blue Heron Nesting Tree.”
Tree Life
Mating Pose
“I’ll be back”
Searching for the perfect stick
“I got a big one”
Bring a Gift
Bringing a Gift
“Move Over”


“Another one for you”
Perfect Landing
Tree Life
What’s wrong with this scene?
“Its tiring sitting on this nest”

This Great Blue Heron nest is on private property. We were allowed to walk into their field a short distance. I was too far away from the tree for quality photos, but they tell a story! It is nice this tree is secluded.

I hope you enjoy their story.



~Today’s Feathered Friend-Peek-A-B00

Great Horned Owl

This beautiful Mom has four babies to feed. What a gorgeous sight, watching this Great Horned Owl with her young. Not the best quality photos, but they give you an idea of the size of the nest, the Mom and one of her babies. Two of the four babies are much larger. I was told that she is a good Mom and is feeding all four well.

A fun morning spent with a friend taking these photos in the beautiful Colorado Rockies!

Getting sleepy
Getting sleepy
“Can you see how big I am?”