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When not traveling in our coach we are at home in Loveland

~Poetry/Birds: Spring elevates

spring elevates

activities for


Males, display colorful plumage attracting females for mating.

American Goldfinch


Searching for the “right” location to build a nest.

House Wren

Females and males hunt for food to feed their young.


On a cloudy day, I captured these photos west of Loveland at a natural area called Bobcat Ridge. Flocks of Chipping Sparrows and American Goldfinches flitted in the Cottonwood and Crabapple trees, swooping down to eat in a beautiful field of Dandelions.

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area
Bobcat Ridge Natural Area trail head.

The next time you bend down to remove a Dandelion from your yard, take a moment to consider leaving it there to feed the numerous migrating and nesting birds that feed on these herbaceous perennial plants. The Dandelion is a beneficial food source for them.


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~It was a Llama kind of day…


Me and My Shadow
Me and My Shadow
What a cutie!
What a cutie!
“I’am cuter. Just look at my hairdo”
Caption this one!
“Where you going, come back here and feed me!”

My friend Linda and I decided we needed a photo day, so we headed west (toward Rocky Mountain National Park) out of Loveland to see what we could find to shoot. We happened upon not one, but two Llama farms. These gals and guys are fun to photograph.

“Linda, that little Llama wants to know where you are going.”

What a lovely day!

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~Today’s Feathered Friend – “Where’s the Peanut Butter?”

As I mentioned in one of my previous post, the Bullock’s Orioles have migrated north. Some will nest and spend the summer here in Loveland, Colorado. I look forward to their arrival every spring and enjoy seeing them in my yard. I have seen six males at my feeders so far, no females.



“Did I eat it all?”


A new feeder I purchased last week. They go through a lot of oranges; I just put these out.


“Where’s the Peanut Better?”

These photos were taken using my Canon 70D with Tamron 600mm lens.

Happy Birding! 

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