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When not traveling in our coach we are at home in Loveland

Time Marches On…..

On this day ten years ago, I turned 50.  No big deal! 

Today, I turned 60 and this one seems like a bigger deal!

Why, has sixty been much more emotional for me; another decade gone perhaps?

I will give it more though and see what answers I come up with.

Not complaining, I have enjoyed every single year and hopefully I will continue to enjoy each and every year going forward.

But my gosh – 60!

I keep telling myself:  “Get over it, no big deal.” 

Until I figure this out, I will try to keep my head on straight!

"I'll try to keep my head on straight!" (photo taken on the beach Hobe Sound, FL)
“I’ll try to keep my head on straight!”
(photo taken on the beach Hobe Sound, FL)

Do you have a particular birthday that seemed somewhat upsetting for you?

SBS:~ Swainson’s Hawk ~

Sheila’s Bird Shots ~ Swainson’s Hawk ~

On August 3, 2013, I spotted this beautiful Swainson’s Hawk, sitting high on a utility pole, scouting for lunch near a Prairie Dog community.

A little later it flew to a different pole. I could tell from the poop these must be favorite spots to scout for prey.

(Light and location wasn’t the best, but you take the shot and see what you get.)

Swainson's Hawk (light morph)
Swainson’s Hawk (light morph)
Swainson's Hawk (light morph) ~Looking Left~
Swainson’s Hawk (light morph)
~Looking Left~
Swainson's Hawk (light morph) ~Looking right~
Swainson’s Hawk (light morph)
~Looking right~
Swainson's Hawk in Black and White
Swainson’s Hawk in Black and White
~Sepia~  Swainson's Hawk
~Sepia~ Swainson’s Hawk

T-Shirt Weaving…..

Have you ever wanted to buy a new T-Shirt and felt it was too long, so you put it back on the rack? I have many times. 


T-shirt from one of our favorite restaurants in Hobe Sound, FL (too long)
T-shirt from one of our favorite restaurants in Hobe Sound, FL
(too long)

Sometimes I like to buy a T-Shirt as a remembrance of a special occasion.

~I have a T-Shirt from my very first Star-Gazing Party, at the McDonald Observatory, located in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.

~A shirt from a visit to observe Grey Wolves and listen to a talk by a wildlife biologist in Denver, CO. 

~One from my first visit to Yellowstone and Tetons National Parks. 

My list goes on, but you get the idea. I find that all my T-Shirts are longer than I like, because I am short. A simple solution, to solve a too long T-Shirt, is to weave the bottom making it shorter. A few years back a friend introduced me to T-Shirt Weaving.

It is fun and easy to do!

A group of friends and I spent last Wednesday, at my house, T-Shirt Weaving. One friend doesn’t like to wear T-Shirts so she worked on a shirt for her young granddaughter. We had lunch, spent time catching up and weaved our shirts. It was a fun day!


I have weaved T-Shirts that have been washed many, many times, so the weaving holds up and looks great.


Here are the instructions on T-Shirt Weaving:

T-Shirt Weaving needed materials
T-Shirt Weaving needed materials

Materials needed:

      • T-shirt (shirt will be 3 inches shorted when finished)
      • 2 inch masking tape
      • Scissors
      • Pencil or pen
      • Needle and thread (to match color of t-shirt)
      • 1” x 6” ruler
      • Straight pins



~ 1 Turn T-shirt inside out

~ 2 Tear two inch wide masking tape into 4-6” pieces and place near the edge of the inside bottom hem, overlapping slightly to make a two inch wide band around the entire bottom of the shirt.

~ 3 Turn the shirt right side out and fold up the bottom so the entire taped strip shows. (The bottom edge of the tape should be at the edge of the fold. Pin the loose edge of the T-shirt to secure the fold.)

~ 4 Starting under the arm, use a one-inch ruler to draw vertical lines one inch apart all along the tape. (Adjust the final line to make the spacing as even as possible.)

~ 5 Cut on the lines from the fold to very near the edge of the tape. (Be sure not to cut any hem stitches.

~ 6 Remove the tape and pins.

~ 7 Starting under the arm, hold up one of the strips. Pull the strip that is to the left under the strip you are holding. (That becomes the new strip to hold.) Pick up the next strip to the left and pull it under.

~ 8 Continue all the way around the shirt.

~ 9 After you have pulled the last strip through, cut it in half.

~ 10 Find the first hole to the top left and loop the top half of the cut strip through it. Find the first hole to the bottom left and loop the bottom half of cut strip through it.

~ 11 Put the cut ends together and whip stitch.

~ 12 Pull on shirt to align work. (Look for any cut edges showing and turn those strips under.

Weaved T-Shirt! (not too long anymore)
Weaved T-Shirt!
(not too long anymore)

SBS:~Baby Western Scrub Jays~

Sheila’s Bird Shots ~ Western Scrub Jays

Beautiful Baby Scrub
Beautiful Baby Scrub

Yesterday the Mama Western Scrub Jay introduced her two babies to one of my birdbaths in the backyard. This was the first time I have seen these two babies. I was able to capture a few images of them.

SBS:~Western Kingbird/Take Two~

Western Kingbird
Western Kingbird

Sheila’s Bird Shots…..

Guess where we went today? 

If you guessed to check on our motorhome you would be correct.

Last week’s visit was to remove two, five year old start batteries, which were going bad and this week was to install the newly purchased start batteries. We have a total of eight batteries in our rig, two start and six house. Thankfully, the six house batteries are only three years old!

While hubby was installing the batteries, I mean what could I possibly have done, I was again photographing the beautiful, Western Kingbirds. 

My foray into the Western Kingbirds space was more successful than last Saturdays. No circling or fussing at me. We were still separated by a high chain link fence, but I was able to capture these images.

Western Kingbird
Western Kingbird