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~Today’s Feathered Friend-Peek-A-B00

Great Horned Owl

This beautiful Mom has four babies to feed. What a gorgeous sight, watching this Great Horned Owl with her young. Not the best quality photos, but they give you an idea of the size of the nest, the Mom and one of her babies. Two of the four babies are much larger. I was told that she is a good Mom and is feeding all four well.

A fun morning spent with a friend taking these photos in the beautiful Colorado Rockies!

Getting sleepy
Getting sleepy
“Can you see how big I am?”

~Today’s Feathered Friend-Northern BobWhite

Lake Colorado City State Park, Texas

We were sitting at the dining table in the RV, at Lake Colorado City State Park, drinking hot chocolate. The day was cold, cloudy and very windy keeping up mostly inside. Kloudy alerted us to the fact that something was in the area. Looking out the window we spotted a covey of Northern Bobwhites.

I scrambled to get my camera to take some photos. These are not the best quality shots, but I enjoyed seeing this group.

This is the closest I have ever been to a covey of Northern Bobwhites and the most I have ever seen at one time.



Northern Bobwhite
Northern Bobwhite
Site 63, Lake Colorado City State Park
Site 63, Lake Colorado City State Park
All alone.
All alone, but not lonely.

We spent two nights at Lake Colorado City State Park, waiting out the snowy weather in Colorado.

Instead of heading to Amarillo and spending our time in a private RV park, we chose to stay another day in this lovely Texas State Park, observing nature without neighbors.

This was our second visit to Lake Colorado City State Park.