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~Shades of Blue…


Looking west. We walked along the Big Thompson River today. It was a gorgeous Colorado day. Fifty degrees and partly cloudy.

This photo was taken yesterday. The clouds formations were very different today.


A Great Blue Heron. A funny place for a Heron to perch.


Reeds, a pond, mountains and a Great Blue Heron in the background.


An old Bullocks Oriole nest.

If you have never read about how an Oriole builds their nest, you should check it out.  Nests

Where are the Orioles today that build this nest? Will they return to the same nest in the Spring? I hope so.

My very favorite Scrub-Jay. “Where are my peanuts?” He wants to know.

Do you have any “shades of blue” you would like to share?

~Nesting Great Blue Herons

A Photo Essay


“Look Greta, a Great Blue Heron Nesting Tree.”
Tree Life
Mating Pose
“I’ll be back”
Searching for the perfect stick
“I got a big one”
Bring a Gift
Bringing a Gift
“Move Over”


“Another one for you”
Perfect Landing
Tree Life
What’s wrong with this scene?
“Its tiring sitting on this nest”

This Great Blue Heron nest is on private property. We were allowed to walk into their field a short distance. I was too far away from the tree for quality photos, but they tell a story! It is nice this tree is secluded.

I hope you enjoy their story.



~Pier Walk with Herons & Crawly Things


Wishing all a 2016 filled with the love of family and friends!


Florida Palm Trees
Florida Palm Trees
Pier in downtown Stuart, Florida
Pier in downtown Stuart, Florida
Pier Jiving
Pier Jiving
Pier Walk
Pier Walk
Great Blue Heron - fishing along the pier
Great Blue Heron – fishing along the pier
Handsome fellow
Handsome fellow
"I think i'll take a walk on the pier."
“Sheila, I hope you catch lots of fish in 2016!”

“Thanks Little Blue, I hope you do too!”


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