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~Shades of Blue…


Looking west. We walked along the Big Thompson River today. It was a gorgeous Colorado day. Fifty degrees and partly cloudy.

This photo was taken yesterday. The clouds formations were very different today.


A Great Blue Heron. A funny place for a Heron to perch.


Reeds, a pond, mountains and a Great Blue Heron in the background.


An old Bullocks Oriole nest.

If you have never read about how an Oriole builds their nest, you should check it out.  Nests

Where are the Orioles today that build this nest? Will they return to the same nest in the Spring? I hope so.

My very favorite Scrub-Jay. “Where are my peanuts?” He wants to know.

Do you have any “shades of blue” you would like to share?

~Western Scrub Jay…

~July, 2018, Loveland, Colorado

Everyday she comes for a visit.


Hopefully, she is molting, because she sure looks “scrubby”.


We will be sitting outside having our morning coffee or out in the evening having a glass of wine and she will fly to the post you see her sitting on. She will peck at the wood for attention and pieces of wood will break off. (Naughty Bird)




This Western Scrub Jay is the same bird that visited us last summer.




She will fly down to the deck railing and just sit there with us. Sometimes she will “sing” very softly.


I read that a Scrub Jay can live to be fifteen years old. I sure hope this one is around for a long time.

Happy Birding


~Birds-meet Scratch

~Loveland, CO, September, 2017


Scrub Jay (Scratch)
Western Scrub Jay

We named her Scratch. She visits Howard and I several times a day when we sit outside. In the morning we have coffee and in the evening we enjoy a glass of wine out on our deck. Sometimes, during the day, I will sit outside and read, she has been keeping me company. I have never experienced a Western Scrub Jay being so friendly.

Scratch likes when we are out on the deck. She comes flying down and perches on the deck railing not more than two feet away. Sometimes, she will sit there and sing. Her song is a very soft, pretty twitter. Of course we sing along, chirping the best we can!

We were surprised the first time she begin singing, because her voice was so soft. If you have ever heard a Scrub Jay you know they have a powerful, loud voice.

A few weeks ago she looked horrible, we thought something was wrong with her. We started calling her Scratch, because she was always grooming and preening her feathers. The feathers around her neck and upper chest were sparse. We now believe she was just molting; her feathers are looking very nice now.

What a cutie she is!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who follow my blog. To all new followers – Hello!

I hope you are enjoying seeing the birds I love to capture with my camera. Hopefully, once we begin traveling again, I will have more nature photos to share.

To those who comment, thank you very much. I don’t always answer as quickly as I should, but know each and every comment is enjoyed! I love learning bits and pieces of who you are and what you enjoy doing. Take care and happy blogging!


~A Walk Around the Yard on this Autumn Day

Black-capped Chickadee
Black-capped Chickadee
I don’t remember what these beautiful flowers are called. But, they continue to bloom and bloom!
Black-capped Chickadee
Black-capped Chickadee


My Scrub, Scrub!!p
My Scrub, Scrub!!
Mountain Chickadee
Mountain Chickadee. We haven’t had a Mountain in our yard in a while. We are at 5,000 feet elevation; they like the higher elevations. Nice to see!
“Hmmm! What do I have here?”
Western Scrub Jay
Western Scrub Jay

It can be fun walking around in your own yard!

Poetry:~Leaves fall, life surrenders, motion slows~

Dark-eyed Junco, Pink-sided
Dark-eyed Juncos need shelter

In the distance, to the West, 

Blue skies highlight icy crystals, 

Glistening on mountain peaks;

Leaves fall, life surrenders, motion slows.


Outside my window, not quite winter,

Dramatic changes revealed,

Pleasing aspects of autumn gone;

Leaves fall, life surrenders, motion slows.


From the mountain, Sparrows seek food,

Dark-eyed Juncos, need shelter,

Western Scrub Jay, caches peanuts;

Leaves fall, life surrenders, motion slows.


In the distance, to the West,

Leaves fall, life surrenders, motion slows.

Western Scrub Jay
Western Scrub Jay


Dark-eyed Junco, Pink-sided
Dark-eyed Junco, Pink-sided
Blue Jay
Blue Jay (young one)
Western Scrub Jay
Western Scrub Jay caches peanuts
Dark-eyed Junco, Pink-sided
Dark-eyed Junco, glad to be out of the snow
Blue Jay
Blue Jay ~What do you hear?~
Western Scrub Jay
Western Scrub Jay
“I’am going to miss you, my Scrub!”
Blue Jay
Blue Jay ~What do you see?~

White-crowned Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos showed up, at my house, a couple of days ago – winter is on its way! 

Photos taken today, in my backyard!

SBS:~Baby Western Scrub Jays~

Sheila’s Bird Shots ~ Western Scrub Jays

Beautiful Baby Scrub
Beautiful Baby Scrub

Yesterday the Mama Western Scrub Jay introduced her two babies to one of my birdbaths in the backyard. This was the first time I have seen these two babies. I was able to capture a few images of them.