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Never in my life have I attempted to write poetry; however I am currently enjoying trying.

Poetry: ~Sun Kissed Wings~

sun kissed wings, glistening bright

glimpses of movement within sight


honey bees flitting here, there

tiny beauties carrying pollen with skilled flair


bush to bush, flower to flower

working hard, hour by hour


busy they must be

pollination, a major key


purpose, transferring this golden essence

no life without the bees presence


pure honey, another miracle achieved

many gifts we receive


where do bees go, when day turns to twilight

a secret, a mystery of the night

                                                                                     By Sheila: August 29 2013

In Flight
honey bees flitting here, there
Honey Bees love Speedwell Flowers
bush to bush, flower to flower
(photo taken June 6, 2013)
Pollination, a major key
pollination, a major key

Poetry:~Fall is in the air~

autumn harmonies 

resonance comes from a far

musical rhythms


classic “V” in view

unfurled across the sky

geese fly in formation


brave leader singing

honk-a-lonk notes

signaling fall migration

                              By Sheila: August 24, 2013

While having coffee yesterday morning, on the deck, Howard and I could hear Canada Geese honking. Two flocks flew directly over head, bringing signs of fall with them. I can’t believe I don’t have an image of a Canada Goose. Note to self  – take one!

(photo taken in Rocky Mountain National Park 09/2012)

When Evening turns to Sunset…..

When Evening turns to Sunset.....
When Evening turns to Sunset…..

You bring us your beauty at the end of each day,

Shared so unselfishly.

No one really notices beyond the brilliance that you offer,

When evening turns to sunset that your display is scientific – no matter.

You ceremoniously paint the western sky with your light,

Bringing dramatic, warm, romantic hues of color for all to admire.

You guide us to the horizon with your nightly descend,

As we stare in still wonder never taking for granted this amazing sight.

Some days you’re aided with clouds and other aspects of nature,

Maybe birds soaring high one last time this day.

If one is so inspired we may be standing by a lake,

To see your beauty not once, but twice as it spreads on the surface.

Reflections of emotion caught in the beams of your light,

To be remembered and imprinted in our mind.

We thank you for your contribution at the end of this day,

And look forward until tomorrow when you become visible to us again.