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~Poetry – The Seasons

The Seasons


renewal and promise.



exuberance and fun.



change, brilliance, urgency.



cozy, rest, reflection.


As we approach the end of Summer with Fall beginning on the 22nd of the month, I began thinking what the seasons mean to me. I am grateful to live in a place where we get to experience all four seasons.

My description of Winter might not reflect what has transpired over the last several years with Howard and I, but it always makes me think of long, cozy, fire lit evenings spent quietly.

Our winter travels, takes us through many different weather zones. So we get to enjoy some of the seasonal weather patterns more than once! My RV’ing friends will understand exactly what I mean.

What descriptors pop into your mind when you think of the seasons?

~Poetry-In the light of the harvest moon

I stand on a cliff high above the river,

bathed in the light of a harvest moon,

A misty fog rises off the water,

cool fall air fills my lungs.


Down below a solitary soul waits,

its mournful call swirls and rises with the mist,

Its plea pierces my heart,

as he calls for his mate.


Nights are getting colder, 

winter is coming,

instinctively he knows,

with haste they must leave.


Dangerously he stays awhile longer,

survival lost over desire,

finally she appears out of the woods,

a scene to remember.


As this magnificent wolf pair turn to leave,

in the light of the harvest moon,

I realize their journey will be long,

not easy.


From my now silent place, 

high on the cliff,

I promise to be here on the day,

spring welcomes their family home.

~Poetry: In the distance


In the distance,

mountains loom,

like sentinels.


Here is my  version of Lia Poetic Form-  (that doesn’t rhyme):  

A Lia is a nine-line poem or stanza that uses an “a” and “b” rhyme following this pattern: aabaabaab.  

low hanging clouds

against blue sky



far in the distance

looming mountains 



sentinel watching

invokes feeling



~Poetry-playing with,Two Word Form-Be

Be Still
Be Still

Playing with poetry: Two Worders (again from Jane at Just Another Nature Enthusiast)

Each line in the poem can contain only two  words. A separate thought about the chosen topic is expressed in each line. From- For the Love of Language;  by Nancy Lee Cecil

Similar  words that I used in Japanese Lantern Poem:


Be ready

smile, hug

be positive

enjoy life

be thankful

family, friends

be engaged

beauty, nature.


Using more words to express the same meaning:


Be ready

with a Smile and a Hug.

Be positive

always Enjoy your Life.

Be thankful

for Family and Friends.

Be engaged

in the Beauty of Nature.