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~Horns as in Long and Beep, Beeps as in Fast

November, 14, 2015
Copper Breaks State Park
Quanah, TX
2 nights, Site 22
View this Texas State Park here: Copper Breaks

Cloudy skies all day.

You just have to go with what you are given and that is what we did, several walks around Copper Breaks State Park with the doggies for a total of 4.5 miles.

During our walks we saw some interesting sights….

It was early evening when we saw this fellow hunting bugs in the grass.

Roadrunner - Beep, Beep!
Roadrunner – Beep, Beep

A Texas Longhorn from the herd at Copper Breaks.

Texas Longhorn

Perhaps it is the vintage look of these Windmills that I like so much.

Windmill Pump

Well past its blooming season, but still lovely with a splash of color.

Dry arid land
Dry arid land

It is always interesting to walk along a river bank. The Pease River, a tributary of the Red River which runs through West Texas, meanders its way through Copper Breaks State Park.

Pease River in Copper Breaks State Park
Pease River in Copper Breaks State Park

Tall reeds, protection for wildlife.

Grasses surrounding a pond
Grasses surrounding a pond

One of the small ponds in the park.

A small pond
A small pond

Now for the fun part ` seeing the Texas Longhorns at Copper Breaks.

A little Texas Longhorn

If you are interested you may read about these handsome fellows by clicking on this link Longhorns


“What you looking at sister?”


The end of our day, enjoyed and treasured.

Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. We will be on our way to Cooper Lakes State Park.

~Run, Baby, Run~

A Fence Post Ornament
A Fence Post Ornament


a fence ornament

if only it would stay put

fast, long and slender

eagle eye spots a morsel

off and running she goes


"I think I will stretch, before I take off."
“I think I will stretch, before I take off.”
Why don't you stay awhile?
Why don’t you stay awhile?
Run, Baby, Run
Run, Baby, Run

I took these photos while at Copper Breaks State Park. We were driving out of the park and i noticed her sitting on this fence post. I got out of the car and was able to capture these shots before, as you can see, she darted off!

SkyeRiver Photography ©Sheila de Laneuville