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~whimsical wednesday- Pssst…..Eugene here~


Remember me? Your friendly guide from the Smith Oaks Rookery in High Island, Texas? 

That’s me in the photo below; in case you forgot, I’am the very handsome Great Egret.

I wanted to share, with you, a few photos of my neighbors with the funny shaped bill. You might remember me telling you a little about them in my first post.

What are they doing down there?

"What are they doing?"
“Don’t you think I am handsome?”


Meet Samuel and Rose
Meet Samuel and Rose

Even though I am extremely busy here at the Rookery, trying to keep Louise happy, I noticed that Samuel and Rose do a lot of weird things with that big spoon shaped bill!

"Gotta itch"
“Gotta itch”


 Man, Samuel is trying to poke her in the mouth!

"Open Wide"
“Give me a kiss Rose”


Hmmmm, now I know exactly what they are up to. Maybe I shouldn’t show you these photos; Samuel might get angry with me. Oh what the heck, he has been angry with me before.


Making Babies
“Hold still Rose”


"Will you please get off of my head"
“Sam, will you please get off of my head!”


"Sweet, I'am feeling happy"
“Sweet baby, I’am feeling happy”


“Aren’t they beautiful and don’t they look so darn happy!”


“Just wait until I get my spoonbill on Eugene! Thanks for stopping by, but next time give us some privacy.”


“I gotta go, Samuel is really mad at me!”


~Friday’s Feathered Friends – meet Eugene and Louise!

Hi, my name is Eugene and I am a Great Egret
Hi, my name is Eugene and I am a Great Egret

Hello, my name is Eugene. That is me in the photo above. In case you don’t recognize me I am a Great Egret. I am currently staying at the Smith Oaks Rookery in High Island, Texas.

Handsome, aren't I
Handsome, aren’t I

My mate, Louise, is in the photo below. Some people believe her name is Jeez Louise, because that is what I yell at her all the time.


Louise? You’re not Louise!

Louise, is always complaining about how I do things and when she starts nagging, I yell Jeez Louise, give me a break!

"Iam coming sweetie"
Louise, there you are, Jeez!

You see, Louise, complains about the sticks I find and bring her to build our nest; she complains about how I take off; how I land on the nest; what foods I bring her and the list goes on and on.

"I found one"
“I found one”
I'am working hard Louise
I’am working hard Louise
Here Honey, I brought you another stick
Here Honey, I brought you another stick
A beautiful landing if I say so myself
A beautiful landing if I say so myself
"I'll be back, going to find another stick"
“I’ll be back, going to find another stick”
Whoa, lookout below!
Whoa, lookout below!
"I'am coming in backwards"
“I’am coming in backwards”

I am hoping it won’t be long, the chicks will be born and out of the nest and Louise will once again be a happy bird.

Aren't we a lovely couple
Aren’t we a lovely couple
Thanks Eugene, for everything
Thanks Eugene, for everything

While you are here, I would like you to meet some of my friends here at The Rookery.

This is Captain, a Neotropical Cormorant. We should call him Shorty, because he has a very short tail, but that would be rude.

Meet The Captain
Meet The Captain
Don't say anything about his short tail
Don’t say anything about his short tail

Meet Showoff, a very handsome Snowy Egret who is always showing off his Yellow Slippers! The female Snowies are always after him. I’am jealous.

Meet Showoff
Meet Showoff
Monica, a Common Moorhen
A Common Moorhen; get a load of the red shield!

Our next door neighbors, here at the Rookery, are Samuel and Rose! They are called Roseate Spoonbills. Can you guess why? They are a lovely couple and they never yell at each other.

Meet Samuel and
Meet Samuel and Rose

More, gossip, on them later.

"Some days, I just can't get a grip on things"
“Some days, I just can’t get a grip on things”


Sheila here: Aren’t my friends lovely?

It was a thrill to visit the Smith Oaks Rookery in High Island, Texas. To see the number of nesting birds was incredible; I will never forget this day.

For information of this area please visit this web-site:



 Happy Birding!