Challenge: Key Hole: A Kyrielle Sonnet

Devil's Backbone
Devil’s Backbone


Key Hole: A Kyrielle Sonnet and Challenge

The winding trail that leads us there,

We walk together as a pair,

Enjoying this day fresh and new;

When and how the sun shines through.


The canyon, filled with grasses,

Color, shades of molasses,

Sunlit sparkling drops of dew;

When and how the sun shines through.


Wind, rain creates the key hole,

Gorgeous views you must behold,

White puffy clouds, sky so blue;

When and how the sun shines through.


The winding trail that leads us there,

When and how the sun shines through.

Photo taken today, while walking a trail, just to the west of my home. This photo, as all my photos , not enhanced.


12 thoughts on “Challenge: Key Hole: A Kyrielle Sonnet”

    1. Cubby, thanks so much for your beautiful poetry; it is a joy to read everyday! I thank you for your encouragement, through your comments, to me and to others to give writing a sonnet a try. It was fun writing this sonnet and I appreciate your comments! Thanks for creating the instructions and illustration, otherwise it would have been difficult. {smiling}

    1. Thank you, I appreciate it very much! I took this photo early yesterday morning while on a walk. It was a beautiful fall morning. I love to read Cubby’s blog and it just so happened that she had posted a writing challenge, so thinking about what I saw on my walk made it possible for me to even attempt the challenge, otherwise I don’t think so!

      Thanks again Barb!! I hope your enjoy your day and keep publishing your beautiful photos and poetry! I truly enjoy your blog!

  1. Did you find this easy? It reads as if you did – it really flows. I found it hard… but then I have only just started and it was the first time I tried anything other than a ‘random words on page’ approach 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks for writing. This was my very first challenge and sonnet! I did find it easy only, because I was writing about an experience I had that morning. What I did, after reading Cubby’s instructions, was to write the first line and the repeating last line. I then just started jotting down words, such as: sky, grasses, canyon, etc. After, I tried to find words that would rhyme with these words. It was great fun and after I posted it, I felt wonderful.

      Please come back for a visit!

      1. I’ll be back for sure! I can’t believe it was your first but you made it sound do accomplished. The thing I found the biggest challenge was ensuring the final couplet made sense…

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