~My Song is for You~

my Song is for you

it’s spring, time to build a nest

will you be my love

Northern Cardinal
“My Song is for You”
Northern Cardinal (male)
Northern Cardinal
"Will you be my Love"
“Will you be my Love”

For hours, this male Cardinal has been sitting in a tree, near our coach door. He sings and sings and sings; I think calling for a mate.  I have yet to see a female Cardinal with him. Keep trying handsome guy!

2 thoughts on “~My Song is for You~”

    1. Hey there lady! How is the weather in my beautiful Loveland? Hope you are enjoying your days!

      That tree is a Sycamore Tree and those round balls are seed pods. So many beautiful birds here. A HUGE flock of White Pelicans flew in this afternoon along with hundreds of cormorants.

      I have a post for tomorrow of a big guy chasing another big guy. It was an exciting afternoon for sure! The smaller of the two bigs guys, a hawk and the biggest of the big guys – an eagle!

      Glad you wrote!

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