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~A few more photos to rap up our Purvis and Eastbank visits

Scenes from Purvis, Mississippi…

Lace, pretty girl.
Lace, pretty girl. Front pond in the background.
A Spring bird nest?
An old bird nest
Another Spring bird nest
Leland's favorite Live Oak Tree
Leland’s favorite Live Oak Tree

Scenes from Eastbank Campground…

A beautiful sunset and a little Pied-billed Grebe swimming around. I took these photos, on our first night at Eastbank Campground, about a week ago.



Photos from our visit to The Villages, Florida

~My Song is for You~

my Song is for you

it’s spring, time to build a nest

will you be my love

Northern Cardinal
“My Song is for You”
Northern Cardinal (male)
Northern Cardinal
"Will you be my Love"
“Will you be my Love”

For hours, this male Cardinal has been sitting in a tree, near our coach door. He sings and sings and sings; I think calling for a mate.  I have yet to see a female Cardinal with him. Keep trying handsome guy!