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~The Chase between a Hawk and an Eagle -part one~

Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk

Howard and I were sitting in the coach, talking to my brother on the phone, when I caught a glimpse of something fly past the window. I looked outside, in the direction I saw it flying and spotted this hawk in a tree.  I grabbed my camera and tried to get as close as I could hoping to get a photograph. I was able to capture the photo above before it flew.

Red-shouldered Hawk

A little later we decided to take the “girls” for a walk and as we were heading out the coach, Howard spotted the hawk sitting again in the same tree, this time facing us.

I was able to get pretty close to this beauty. It seemed transfixed on something at the edge of the lake, or so it seemed to me. After awhile I began to get worried that it might be ill (it wasn’t).

A beauty sitting in the sun. Why was this hawk sitting so still, ignoring me?
What a privilege to photograph this gorgeous hawk.

After spending time taking just a few photos (haha), I decide we need to continue on our hike and I slowly walk away, leaving the hawk sitting in the tree.

As we head down the path, a shadow displays itself, on the ground, in front of us. Looking up we see a big bird flying overhead.

To be continued….

~My Song is for You~

my Song is for you

it’s spring, time to build a nest

will you be my love

Northern Cardinal
“My Song is for You”
Northern Cardinal (male)
Northern Cardinal
"Will you be my Love"
“Will you be my Love”

For hours, this male Cardinal has been sitting in a tree, near our coach door. He sings and sings and sings; I think calling for a mate.  I have yet to see a female Cardinal with him. Keep trying handsome guy!