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~A few last photos from Lake Colorado City State Park

~Lake Colorado City State Park, Colorado City, Texas, April, 2017

oOo – Follow your dreams wherever they take you.

Way to the Lake
Path to the lake.

oOo РTake a moment and enjoy your surroundings.

Eastern Cottontail

oOo – Keep exploring, enjoy the journey.


oOo – Find the beauty in all things.

Lake Colorado City State Park beginning to bloom.

oOo – Be with those that bring you joy.

Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Bullock’s Oriole

oOo – Enjoy spending time alone.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (more photos of these gorgeous birds later)

Howard and I enjoy staying at this 500 acre Texas State Park¬†with lake views and access. It is picturesque and quiet (in the early spring anyway, don’t know about the summer when full lake activities begin). Nature trails to walk with¬†lots of wildlife to observe.

I imagine this park wouldn’t be for everyone. Too isolated with¬†few amenities. However, if you love nature, birding, wildlife, peaceful days and dark skies then stop here for a few days.

oOo – A few photos from March, 2016:

The evening glow of sunlight across the park is gorgeous.

All alone.
All alone and loving it!

Here is a link: Lake Colorado City State Park

Golden-fronted Woodpecker
Golden-fronted Woodpecker


Happy Birding and Exploring!


~Almost feels like Spring…


Loveland, CO, May, 2017

A cool Spring day here in the Colorado Rockies. We went for a walk this morning along the Big Thompson River. Looks like we are caught in between Winter and Spring.

Soon, warmer weather will melt the snow in the mountains sending runoff to fill the river.

Big Thomson River
Big Thomson River waiting to be replenished.

Some Cottonwood trees have seen better days, some are starting to sprout their leaves. Wildflowers are starting to bloom.¬†We heard that a Great Horned Owl is nesting in one of the Cottonwoods along the river path. Can’t wait to see babies.

Flowers starting to bloom along the Big Thomson River
Nice to see green here in the West.

Snow melting in the sun after our weekend snow.

After a spring snow
After a spring snow, in our yard.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring day!

~Carolina Chickadee gathering nesting material

Photo taken in South Llano State Park

Junction, Texas-March, 2017


Carolina Chickadee

Our Keeshond has lots of fur, so I try to brush her often. While camped at South Llano State Park a few days ago, I got our her brushes.

After I was finished brushing Skye, I placed several clumps of her fur in the surrounding trees near our RV site. It is almost spring and I noticed the birds were starting to gather materials for nest building. What better nest material than thick, soft doggie fur?

It didn’t take long for the birds¬†to find Skye’s present. With amusement,¬†I sat back and watched this Carolina Chickadee¬†pull apart a¬†ball of fur and fly off with¬†it toward a distant tree. Perfect!


Skye likes to share!





~Her Journey Begins


For an adventurer at heart,

her journey begins,

free to explore,

and play among the stars.

When the time comes,

she will seek,

her special place,

and watch over us.


October 8, 2004 – February 20, 2017

To our sweet, beautiful girl, it was our privilege to have you as a member of our pack. Love you forever and always. Only love so pure and deep can cause so much pain with loss.

Run, Kloudy.

Run, explore and play, cancer free.

~Today’s Feathered Friend-Tree Swallow in Rocky Mountain National Park

Tree Swallow
Tree Swallow

It’s early morning. The car is packed with snacks, lunch, water and lots of camera gear. Excitement fills the air. We chat about our hopes of seeing a Moose, of taking photos of other wildlife and capturing the serenity of nature, and of breathing into our lungs¬†the fresh air in the higher elevations¬†of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Leaving Loveland we travel west along the twisty Big Thompson River, into the narrow canyon and continue climbing until we reach Rocky Mountain National Park. We make one stop along the way. A stop in Drake; I want to look for a Dipper.

I have fond memories of observing Dippers feeding along the Big Thompson River years ago when we first moved to Colorado. We pull over and search the banks of the river, but our luck isn’t with us on this endeavor. We hop back into the car and continue our journey. We enter and drive through the town of Estes Park and soon we reach¬†the entrance booth into Rocky.

We stop at Sheep’s Lake, because Linda had heard that the day before a Moose had been spotted wondering around the area. We stopped also, because we just couldn’t¬†drive by this picturesque scene. We didn’t see a Moose, but stood in awe gazing¬†at the beautiful, snow-covered mountain tops and enjoying the quiet.


After “drinking” in the beauty of Sheep’s Lake, we continued toward Endovalley.


As we travel¬†along, I stop the car and ask Linda “What is that bird¬†sitting on the branch of that tree? Oh, its a Tree Swallow.” I jump out of the car, grab my camera from the back seat and try to capture this gorgeous Tree Swallow as it sits in the sun preening. The first photo above is the ever swooping, diving, sliding little swallow as it takes a “sun” break.¬†What a beautiful area this little Tree Swallow calls home.


Slowly driving a little further¬†we enjoy the scenery and just had to stop when we saw these backlit, Aspens. Yes, spring has reached some areas in Rocky! The photos don’t reflect the beauty of these trees as a faint¬†breeze and morning¬†light kiss their new leaves.




A glance across the road reveals the beauty of more Aspen, plus the signs that Elk have been enjoying a snack.




Well little Tree Swallow, thanks for sunbathing this morning. You invited us to pause for a closer look, giving us a chance to observe your surroundings and to photograph you. Thanks for sharing your home with us today!

Our day in Rocky Mountain National Park  continues, so stay tuned.